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About The Car Cobbler

Hi, I'm Iain,
here at the Car Cobbler we believe in making your cherished car stand out from the crowd. Starting with Alloygator wheel protectors we can make your alloys both look great and enhance their value.

It doesn't end with your wheels, Our fully fitted tuning boxes can increase performance, reduce emissions and save you money! Finally, a full deep carbon clean of your engine will remove harmful soot and dirt to increase the engine life, reduce emissions and provide better fuel efficiency.

Our Services


We are Northumberlands only official mobile supplier and fitter of Alloygator Alloy wheel protectors. Installing Alloygator will significantly protect the quality and lengthen the life of your alloy wheels.


We supply and fit Bluespark tuning boxes and can carry out a full engine carbon clean to enhance the power and performance of your cherished car.


Whether it's a set of Alloygators to make your wheels stand out, a tuning box to increase performance or a full Carbon Clean to restore your engine, our services will enhance the value of your car.

All about Alloygator Protection

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AlloyGators are made from super tough blended nylon composite to provide superior protection for alloy wheels. The protection system fits between the wheel and tyre and is designed to protect alloy wheels against kerbing and pothole damage.

Manufactured to internationally recognised Quality Management System specifications each set comes in your choice of 14 stylish colours and the Exclusive profile (12" to 24" diameter).

Carbon Cleaning

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Carbon Cleaning is a new way to revitalise your cars engine. Using revolutionary techniques and a non-invasive procedure we clean the internal workings of your vehicle's engine. This process cleanly and efficiently strips the harmful carbon deposits that have built up over long periods of time, restoring many of your engines internal workings to a new like state.

There are many benefits to carbon cleaning, by reducing the harmful build up of carbon you increase the life of the engine itself. Stripping away the carbon from the fuel injectors will give a cleaner, more efficient fuel process. Your car will feel more responsive, quicker and more fuel efficient.

A full carbon clean takes approximately 45mins to 1 hour per vehicle depending on the engine size. We are fully mobile and can carry out the work at your home or workplace with no mess or inconvenience to you.

Engine Tuning boxes

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Tuning boxes are designed to enhance the performance of your engine, seamlessly and safely connected to the ECU system they intercept the data your car produces and calculate the optimal output to get the most out of your engine.

Car Cobbler is an official supplier of Bluespark Vehicle Tuning Solutions. We can supply and fit the correct box for your vehicle ensuring you reap the rewards of both increased performance and reduced fuel costs.

Each of the tuning boxes The Car Cobbler supplies provides great gains, but each has its own features and benefits that suit each customer differently. None of our units will cause any issues in either the long or short term with your vehicle and being a plug and play unit they do not compromise any warranty to your vehicle making it the safest option for new cars or lease cars.

CR Tech2DieselThe CR Tech 2 is the best choice for the budget conscious customer. It provides good gains in overall drivability, torque and fuel economy improvements, without aiming for the highest available peak power.£150
Bluespark ProDieselBluespark Pro is the mid-range unit. It is still a single channel unit like the CR Tech 2, but allows higher power gains. Its single point of connection reduces install time and cost vs the Pro + Boost.£200
Bluespark Pro+ BoostDieselThe Bluespark Pro + Boost is the range-topping unit. It is a dual channel unit, which adds another point of connection, but this additional connection allows a whole host of benefits including lower in cylinder temperatures, lower exhaust gas temperature, better Fuel Economy & an almost identical to factory air/fuel ratio throughout the rev range.£280
Bluespark Pro PetrolPetrolThe latest in Petrol Turbo tuning box features (where possible) fuel rail pressure control and turbocharger boost pressure control simultaneously, giving large increases in power and torque throughout the rev-range, whilst maintaining the correct air/fuel ratio.£175

All of the tuning boxes supplied by the Car Cobbler have passed rigorous testing and are installed with dyno proven maps specific to each individual engine and not just a generic make and model map.

Important Engine tuning statistics

Power increase
upto 40%
Additional Mid range torque
upto 35%
additional fuel efficiency
upto 10%

Client Testimonials

Product Pricing



  • High quality
  • Lifetime protection
  • Choice of colours

Carbon Clean


  • Restored Power
  • Restored MPG
  • More responsive

Tuning Box

from £175

  • Increased bhp
  • Increased torque
  • More fuel efficient

Gators & Clean


  • Protect you
  • wheeels and your
  • engine at same time

*Price quoted for standard cars. Individual prices available for motorbikes, off road and site/plant vehicles. BULK DISCOUNT: Book in two or more cars for the same booking and receive a £15 discount per vehicle.

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